Veterinarians in Virginia Beach
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Kempsville Veterinary Clinic
Owl Creek Veterinary Hospital
London Bridge Veterinary Clinic
Holland Oaks Vet Hospital
SAJO Farm Veterinary Hospital
Bayside Veterinary Clinic
River Shores Animal Hospital
Providence Square Veterinary Clinic
Beach Pet Clinic Great Neck
Beach Pet Hospital
Banfield the Animal Hospital
Indian River Veterinary Clinic
Independence Veterinary Hospital
Anne-Haven Veterinary Clinic
Acredale Animal Hospital
Abbey Animal Hospital
Bostic Veterinary Hospital
Bay-Beach Veterinary Medical
Pet Care Veterinary Hospital
Area code (757)
4690 Princess Anne Rd. 474-0507
345 North Great Neck Rd. 431-2600
6070 Indian River Rd. 499-5463
3200 Dam Neck Rd. 468-1400
1094 Diamond Springs Rd. 464-6009
1427 North Great Neck Rd. 496-6491
587 South Birdneck Rd. 428-4344
Providence Square 495-2961
237 First Colonial Rd. 428-3251
3413 Virginia Beach Blvd. 340-8002
4608 Pembroke Blvd. 473-8560
2159 Lynnhaven Parkway 427-2222
3002 Virginia Beach Blvd. 340-3066
1200 Lake James Dr. 523-6100
1949 Lynnhaven Parkway 471-1003
4340 Virginia Beach Blvd. 340-3913
4464 Shore Dr. 460-1661
5201-A Virginia Beach Blvd 473.0111
5269 Challedon Dr. 497-8492
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