Pet Sitting - Baltimore
Below are businesses or people that provide dog walking services or pet sitting in Baltimore, Maryland.
If you're a dog walker or a pet sitter in Baltimore, MD.,
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Pet Sitting - Baltimore
Hereford Country Club For Pets
Towson Dog & Cat Hotel
Pleasant View Kennels
Oak Park Kennels
Maryland Kennel Club
For Pet Sakes Limited
Cub Hill Kennels
Barkin' Lott
Ben Mar Kennels
Abigail Pet Spa
Area code (410)
1201 Brandy Springs Rd. 329-6464
714 York Rd. 823-5100
2825 Cub Hill Rd. 665-6011
2133 Monumental Rd. 242-8735
8167 Del Haven Rd. 285-2449
6314 Falls Rd. 337-3595
2825 Cub Hill Rd. 665-6011
4215 Annapolis Rd. 636-8678
517 South Caton Avenue 947-1600
1007 West 41st Street 889-9070
Sometimes pet sitters can't accept new clients. If so, try a cat or dog boarding kennel in the links above.

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