Las Vegas
Does your dog need to be trained, or do you? Below is a listing of people and businesses that provide dog training in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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North Las Vegas K-9 Academy
All Star Discount Dog Training
Gibson's K-9 Classroom
Civilized Dog
Gentle Solutions
Smarty Paws
Southern Nevada K-9 Training
Diamond K-9 Training
Extreme Dog Training
Vegas Valley Obedience Club
Basic Training
Gold Star Dog Training
Jim Crawford's Canine Behavior
DW Dog Training
Happy Tails Family Dog Training
SmartyPaws Canine Coaching
Bark Busters
Area code (702) unless stated otherwise
6266 Snow Cactus St 289-6162
1350 E Flamingo Rd. 497-7229
7912 Foxwood Place 636-8700
3948 Pamplona Street 365-8704
1308 N Jones Blvd. 384-3647
4315 N Tioga Way 396-8501
7538 Frontier Ranch Lane 360-1009
6085 Serene Dr. 839-0727
5893 Wildhorse Ledge Avenue 399-8786
5560 Edna Avenue 368-0656
Mobile Trainer 248.7766
1350 E Flamingo Rd. 612-7106
66 N Arlington Street 248-3647
2419 E Tropicana Avenue 451-9441
2140 N Rainbow Blvd. 631-8422
171 N Nellis Blvd. 438-5771
9869 S Eastern Avenue 951-0045
1261 S Decatur Blvd. 870-8200
9775 W Charleston Blvd. 940-5200
5160 S Fort Apache Rd. 253-1431
Sometimes pet stores such as petsmart provide dog training, see the links above for ones in your area.

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