Dog Boarding - Shreveport
This is a list of places for cat or dog boarding in Shreveport, Louisiana.
If you have a dog day care or a dog boarding kennel in Shreveport, LA.,
and want to be listed on this website, click here for info.

Other Links
Pet Stores - Shreveport
Cat & Dog Boarding: Shreveport
The Rose Cottage Animal Hotel
Aaron's Lakeside Kennels
Summer Grove Animal Hospital
Caddo Animal Clinic
Towne South Animal Hospital
Animal Health Center
Zoo Keeper
Pet Lodge & Supply
Riverside Animal Hospital LLC
Area code (318)
9525 Locust Hill Road 938-5114
4380 Noyes Dr. 636-0400
9355 Mansfield Rd. 686-1320
3210 Hearne Avenue 636-1534
2403 East 70th Street 797-8489
6124 Hearne Avenue 636-7311
6051 Linwood Avenue 686-9665
850 Havens Rd. 222-3534
1000 Westgate Lane
Bossier City 742-1521
Try the links above for other kennels near you. Many of the local animal hospitals as well as places that provide dog grooming also provide pet boarding for dogs, cats and other small animals.

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