Dog Boarding - Cedar Rapids
Cat or dog boarding places in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Wellington Heights, Kenwood Park, Hiawatha, Marion, Faifax, Covington, Vernon View, Swisher, Cedar Hills & more.
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Cat & Dog Boarding: Cedar Rapids
Park Towne Animal Hospital
Hilltop Kennels
Blairs Ferry Pet Hospital
Sunny Brook Kennels
The Dog Zone
Area code (319)
7311 Mount Vernon Rd. SE 366-1236
3990 Center Point Rd. Northeast 393-7834
1403 Wilson Avenue SW 363-1054
1818 Blairs Ferry Rd. NE 393-3027
2411 Sisley Grove Rd. 446-7557
5517 North Towne Pl, NE 378-9364
Try the links above for other kennels near you. Many of the local animal hospitals as well as places that provide dog grooming also provide pet boarding for dogs, cats and other small animals.

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